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Dental Insurance

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Dental Insurance covers routine exams, cleanups and X-rays. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare does not require dental insurance for adults. Most dental plans have a maximum amount for benefits to participants, for example $1000 to $2000. This means that the maximum amount of expenses that your insurer will pay on your behave is that amount.

Reimbursements for services are available to you during your coverage. Services such as routine checkups and cleanings are usually covered at 80% to 100%. Most sophisticated and dental intensive procedures such a crown maybe be covered at a lower rate such as 50%.

Advantages of having dental insurance, include:

  • Affordable premiums
  • Access to preventative care such as routine cleanings and examinations to avoid major issues in the futures
  • Relief of shouldering the entire financial burden of needing expensive dental works such as crowns, filling, which can cost thousands of dollar
  • Discounts of other dental needs such as LASIK